Alexander ‘AE’ Edwards breaks silence on fight with Travis Scott in Cannes

Alejandro “AE” Edwards has broken his silence on his cannes fight with Travis Scott.

TMZ met up with the rapper, 38, outside LAX on Wednesday, and said “everything is fine” between him and Scott, 33, after video Captured from a viewer’s Instagram Stories showed a chaotic scene at Richie Akiva’s amfAR afterparty last Thursday.

“I have no hard feelings. That’s the way it is, things were the way they were, that’s all,” Edwards added, joking that his bodyguard “didn’t have to work that night,” implying that he fought back. in the fight.

A witness told ET last week that the after party went to hell when Scott and Tyga (an old friend of Edwards) were both on stage.

“Richie announced them both on stage alongside Alexander Edwards and others. Immediately after that announcement, Travis immediately snatched the microphone out of Richie’s hand and said, ‘No, we’re not doing this.’ Alexander said, ‘ Show love,'” the witness said.

Alexander ‘AE’ Edwards and Tyga were present at the Cannes after-party, where Edwards got into a fight with Travis Scott.Swan Gallet/WWD via Getty Images

According to the witness, Scott left the stage momentarily and returned to producer Southside, who confronted Edwards. The situation quickly escalated and led to a physical altercation. As Edwards attempted to defuse the confrontation, Southside shoved him, causing Edwards to back away. In Southside’s defense, Scott attempted to push Edwards off the stage. Edwards, keeping his balance, retaliated by dragging Scott across the stage and finally tossing him. The fight continued with Edwards jumping on top of Scott, resulting in the fight being captured on video.

“It’s all good,” Edwards said. TMZ where things stand between him and Scott now, saying they haven’t spoken since the fight. “It’s over.”

When asked for details about what led up to the fight, Edwards remained silent.

“I don’t want to start shit,” he said, but added, “I’ll protect myself and my people.”

As for whether Edwards’ girlfriend or not, CherWas he upset with him for fighting?

“Like Future said, ‘Whatever she is, my bitch is too,'” Edwards joked.

Edwards and Cher, 78, who started to leave after they met at Paris Fashion Week in 2022… packaged in PDA during their stay in Cannes, posing for numerous photographs on the red carpet, where they couldn’t stop kissing.

Alexander ‘AE’ Edwards and Cher show off the PDA on the red carpet at the amfAR Gala in Cannes in May 2024.Stéphane Cardinale – Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images

cher recently opened up about dating younger men in an interview with Jennifer Hudson in The Jennifer Hudson Show earlier this month.

“The reason I hooked up with younger men is because men my age are older… they’re all dead now,” he joked. “But before, everyone was afraid to approach me, and the younger men were the only ones.”

When Hudson added that younger men tend to be “bold,” Cher agreed, noting, “Yeah, and they were raised by women like me.”


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