Austin ranks No. 6 in risk of job displacement due to AI, new study shows

Jobs most at risk of being filled by AI are budget analysts, loan officers, accountants, insurance sales agents, and paralegals.

AUSTIN, Texas — A new study ranks Austin as the sixth city in the U.S. for most job displacement due to artificial intelligence.

The study by (un)Common Logic says that just over 10% of all workers in Austin are at risk of AI-related automation. That’s about 126,000 workers in the Austin area.

The jobs most at risk of being taken over by AI include budget analysts, loan officers, accountants, insurance sales agents and paralegals. The study notes that these jobs face high exposure to AI as well as a high risk of automation because their tasks and knowledge can be more easily learned and replicated by AI systems. These positions account for about 9% of all workers nationwide, according to the study.

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In contrast, workers facing low exposure to AI and low risk of automation include “highly practical professionals” such as dancers, firefighters and plumbers.

But even jobs that aren’t likely to be significantly affected by AI may face other types of automation risks, according to the study, including farm or fast-food restaurant workers. The study also indicated that professions such as lawyers, CEOs and civil engineers could rely on AI to improve decision-making, but face little chance of being fully automated.

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Compared to other types of automation, AI is expected to have a greater impact on high-income workers. Five states (South Dakota, Kansas, Delaware, Florida, and New York) have high concentrations of knowledge workers, making more than one in ten vulnerable to AI-related automation. Meanwhile, states like Indiana, Arkansas and Nevada, where the workforce is more concentrated in agricultural, manufacturing or service professions, face a lower risk of AI-driven automation.

Other Texas cities in the top 50 are Dallas-Fort Worth at No. 23 and San Antonio at No. 22, both at around 9%, and then the Houston area at just over 8% at No. 49.

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