Conservative party chief executive is director of cancer care company profiting from NHS waiting lists | conservatives

The Conservative Party chief executive has taken a senior role at a private cancer care company which said in its annual report it had benefited from rising NHS waiting times.

Stephen Massey was appointed chief executive of the party in November 2022, months after donating £25,000 of his personal wealth to support Rishi Sunak’s failed first bid to become Conservative leader.

The financier, who has donated £343,000 to the Conservatives, was appointed director of GenesisCare in February this year. It operates 14 diagnostic and treatment centers and is a leading provider of private cancer care in the UK.

GenesisCare’s latest annual results, covering the year to June 2023, reveal revenues of £122m, up 20% on 2022, with operating profits totaling more than £7.5m sterling.

In the report, company directors said they expected GenesisCare to be profitable for another year. They noted that “positive revenue and profit momentum” for the year ending 2022 had continued, with “increased demand for private healthcare as a result of post-Covid delays in the NHS.”

The NHS national target – that at least 85% of people should start treatment within 62 days – was last met in December 2015, and the number of people facing long waits has tripled in the past year. last decade. In 2023, around 75,000 cancer patients waited more than two months, the highest annual number ever recorded.

NHS data from March shows that only two-thirds of cancer patients in England received their first treatment within 62 days of an urgent referral to their GP.

Professor Pat Price, an oncologist and co-founder of the Catch Up With Cancer campaign, said the data was “a timely reminder that the cancer crisis continues and dangerous delays have become normalised”.

Massey was appointed to GenesisCare, which is based in Australia, following a restructuring focused on stopping bankruptcies in the United States. GenesisCare is partly owned by Chinese state-owned group China Resources.

Last December, Massey was reported to have said in a call to CCHQ staff that he had been taking advice from sister parties around the world on how to recover from a massive defeat. This left several members of the Conservative Party feeling that he had given up his electoral hopes.

Overall, NHS waiting lists rose to around 7.57 million treatments at the end of April, affecting 6.33 million patients, according to NHS England figures published on Thursday. This is an increase from 7.54 million treatments and 6.29 million patients at the end of March.

GenesisCare and the Conservative Party have been contacted for comment.

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