Donald Trump Clowned Online Over ‘Black Jobs’ Comments

One issue where Trump has always instilled fear is immigration. He constantly blames immigrants for job losses and other social problems. His attacks on immigrants were in full force last night, although one of his comments caused all of Twitter to start making jokes. Next, you can see that he claimed that immigrants were eliminating “black jobs.” That term raised more than one eyebrow and a plethora of jokes were unleashed.

Donald Trump intervenes

As you can see, many posted memes and jokes about the entire concept of “black work.” It was certainly a strange comment from the former president. Voters on Twitter had no idea what he might have meant by this statement. Still, it made for some funny jokes, as many are now looking for so-called “black jobs.” If anything, this shows that yesterday’s debate was a farce. Trump barely wanted to answer the questions, while Biden sometimes couldn’t. For now, it seems like voters are really dismayed by their current choices.

Twitter reacts

Let us know what you thought of last night’s debate in the comments section below. Do you think the debate was as bad as many people said? Was this a disastrous performance for President Joe Biden? Also, stay tuned for HNHH for all the latest news and updates from around the political world. We will continue to keep you informed as the election draws ever closer.

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