Egyptian soldier shot dead in border incident with Israel

An Egyptian soldier was killed in an incident involving Egyptian and Israeli troops in the border area near Rafah.

The Egyptian and Israeli armies are investigating what happened.

Israeli media say there was an exchange of gunfire, but there are few other details and no reports of Israeli casualties.

Tensions between Egypt and Israel have increased since Israeli forces took control of the Gazan side of the Rafah crossing three weeks ago as part of their offensive against Hamas.

Egypt is a strong supporter of the Palestinians and has condemned Israel’s military campaign in Gaza and Israel’s killing of thousands of civilians in the war.

Egypt was the first Arab country to sign a peace agreement with Israel 45 years ago and, although it has maintained it, relations between the two sides have often been cold. However, deadly incidents between Egyptian and Israeli troops are rare.

Hours before the shooting, Egypt’s Foreign Ministry condemned an Israeli attack on Rafah that killed at least 45 people, according to the Hamas-run Gaza Health Ministry. He accused Israel of “attacking defenseless civilians.”

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said the attack had killed two senior Hamas officials and that it was reviewing reports that civilians were injured as a result of the attack and the fire it caused.

Like Israel, Egypt has maintained a blockade on its border with Gaza since Hamas came to power in 2006. Hamas is a branch of the Islamist organization Muslim Brotherhood, which is banned as a terrorist group in Egypt.

However, Egypt has maintained open channels with Hamas and has been acting as a mediator in intermittent indirect talks between Israel and the group to try to reach a ceasefire agreement and the release of Israeli hostages held by Hamas in Gaza.

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