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Sam Wollaston’s article about those living with long Covid made me cry (‘I could bench press 100kg. Now I can’t walk’: Lucy’s life with long Covid, June 5). It’s the first time in four years of reading every article I can find about long Covid that I can see my partner in an article. I have returned to Wollaston’s description of an “amalgam patient”, which he compiled from hundreds of responses to The Guardian’s call for long stories about Covid, again and again since I first read the article and each time I find myself brings back tears.

My partner has been seriously ill with long Covid since May 2020; The loneliness and misery of living with an illness for which there is still no treatment and little support has been, and is, the most isolating experience of our lives. We are grateful for this article, as we fight to hold on to the fading hope that much-needed support and treatment for long-term Covid patients is on the way.
Pink Brown

Sam Wollaston’s first article in his Life with long Covid series made me cry. Two years into Covid, I recognized many of the experiences described, but what moved me was Sam’s brutally honest evocation of the magnitude of Lucy Keighley’s loss. My tears were for her, for me and for the millions of victims around the world. I want to thank Sam, Lucy and all the other 950 contributors who reported this article. Together they have articulated the devastation caused by this chronic disease.
Phil Turner
Stroud, Gloucestershire

I just had to write to you and thank you for the article on long Covid. I’ve been doing this for three years and I identify with every word. It’s a huge relief to read someone who believes it exists.
Linda Mills
Rochdale, Greater Manchester

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