‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Cast Parodies ‘Barbie’s ‘I’m Just Ken’ in Celebration of Season 20 Finale

Life in plastic is fantastic for the Grey’s Anatomy cast.

In a new video posted Thursday before GreyIn the season 20 finale, the cast performs their own version of Barbie’s “I’m Just Ken” with Chris Carmack Like Ken. The hilarious parody was published as a set Instagram Reel for our “Kentertainment”.

“The @greysabc season 20 finale is tonight!” Carmack captioned the video. “To celebrate, here’s some fun I had with all the wonderful ‘Kens’ on set.”

He tagged actors Camilla Luddington, Natalie Morales, Jake Borelli, Anthony Hill, Kevin McKidd, Harry Shum Jr., Niko Terho and James Pickens Jr. and thanked them for their participation in the video and for making season 20 of Grey‘it’s great.

“Thank you to the best cast for playing with me! Your talent and generous spirit make it a lovely place to work!” Carmack continued. “Thank you to the best team for laughing with us and making our show possible! (and Kendal for even making special trips for props and costumes just for this video 😂❤️). Thank you to our writers, producers and directors who still work tirelessly to May our show be a success after 20 years! Last but not least…thank you FANS!!! You keep us all going ❤️❤️❤️.”

In the video, Carmack lip-syncs to Barbie’s tune while wearing a light-up fur coat, a rainbow cowboy hat, and black sunglasses. He GreyThe male team of fake doctors join him, singing in pink and blue scrubs while Borelli plays a guitar.

Carmack dramatically channels his Kenergy in several sequences around the set, from being spun around on a stretcher to Borelli pushing him in a wheelchair on roller skates. Carmack even donned cowboy boots and shorts for a different scene in the makeup trailer.

In less than 24 hours, the publication received around 85,000 likes and a lot of love from GreyThe family of.

“THIS IS ART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Luddington commented, continuing with another comment: “Wait, we also have to thank the AMAZING SUITS DEPARTMENT!!! for helping us put this together. So when we said, ‘okay, do you have a hat and a coat we can borrow?'” ?’ ?’ “And they brought out A LIGHTING FUR COAT AND THAT legendary HAT… @ms.andrea.medina!”

The official GreyThe account got funny and commented: “Ken can’t stop watching this.”

“1) You in cowboy boots will always be my favorite content. 2) Aren’t we going to talk about how white @anthillll’s teeth are? 3) @jake.borelli just breaking out skates on set 🙌🏽,” Devin added Way.

Grey’s Anatomy It first aired on ABC in March 2005. The medical drama follows a group of doctors at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital. Was created by Bridgerton showrunner and writer Shonda Rhimes.

Earlier this month, Rhymes revealed to ET which Greythe moment remains his daughter “very annoying.”

“He was very angry when he found out that Cristina Yang was pregnant,” he shared. “Very upset, she was very sweet, yes.”

Rhimes was referencing the Season 1 storyline in which intern Cristina Yang (sandra oh) discovers that she is pregnant after a sexual encounter with Preston Burke (Isaiah Washington). After a terrifying collapse in the operating room due to a ruptured fallopian tube, Cristina lost the pregnancy due to the ectopic placement of the fertilized egg.

In April, Grey‘s was renewed for a 21st season.


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