‘He was a hero to me’: Michael Mosley’s friends and colleagues pay tribute | Michael Mosley

Tributes have been paid to British television presenter Dr Michael Mosley, after his body was discovered on the Greek island of Symi following a five-day search.

Broadcaster Dr Phil Hammond, who said Mosley gave him his television break when he was appointed host of the first five series of Trust Me, I’m a Doctor, said he had left a “huge legacy” of explaining science to a large number of people.

“In addition to his enthusiasm…. He had an encyclopedic brain and was into every story,” Hammond told Sky News. “He made sure that all the researchers and assistant producers on the show had scientific training.”

Mosley believed in the critical importance of improving public health and had a positive impact on “thousands and thousands” of people, he added.

“If Mike’s legacy is that some of the advice he gave about exercise, diet and staying in shape can be disseminated more widely, I think that would be a fitting legacy,” Hammond said.

Another fellow doctor and broadcaster, Saleyha Ahsan, one of Mosley’s co-hosts on Trust Me I’m A Doctor, said her “deepest condolences and many thoughts” were with Mosley’s family.

“I think in the last few days everyone was expecting a different scenario, a different result,” he told Sky News. “Michael is resourceful. I mean, throughout his entire career he’s used his body, he’s taken it to extremes in the name of science, in the name of finding better health outcomes for the rest of us. “I just think we were all expecting a different outcome.”

He said his on-screen character, well known to the public, reflected the man he was. “He’s so personable and so approachable through the screen and that’s an art in itself, to be able to portray you like that,” he said. “And he is exactly like that.”

He added that he was “very professional, but also so human and so passionate about what he did (…) He lived and breathed his work. “It was an inspiration.”

Professor Alice Roberts said she had last seen the presenter, who worked as an executive producer on her 2009 series Human Journey, two weeks ago at the Hay festival.

“The fragility of life is so shocking,” he wrote in X. “I can’t believe he’s gone. “My thoughts are with his grieving family.”

Tom Watson said Mosley had helped transform his life. “It’s hard to describe how upset I am by this news,” he wrote on social media. “Through brave, science-based journalism, Michael Mosley has helped thousands of people recover and get healthy. I am one of them. He was a hero to me. He will be deeply missed. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.”

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