Ian Ziering: Two suspects arrested in connection with New Year’s Eve biker fight attack

The Los Angeles Police Department arrested two suspects in connection with the terrifying New Year’s Eve Attack involving the actor Ian Ziering and a group of motorcyclists, officials said in a news release.

Jacob Esteban Hernandez, 20, and Angie Teresa Guizar, 40, were arrested following an investigation into the physical confrontation between Ziering and the motorcyclists. Hernandez faces charges of felony vandalism, while Guizar has been booked for assault with a deadly weapon.

While Los Angeles police did not explicitly mention Ziering’s name in their statement, the details provided were consistent with the attack on the 60-year-old man. Sharknado actor. The incident occurred on December 31, as captured in the images. obtained by TMZwhich shows Ziering being attacked by several motorcyclists on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles.

The altercation reportedly stemmed from a confrontation over possible damage to Ziering’s vehicle. According to LAPD statements, three to four other motorcyclists joined in the assault, and one motorcyclist was captured on video swinging an object at the victim.

Ziering, who was accompanied by his 10-year-old daughter, was attacked while trying to protect himself and his daughter. The motorcyclists also vandalized his car during the incident.

According to the Los Angeles police, social media videos and witness testimonies played a crucial role in the arrest of the suspects.

Ziering took to Instagram to address the alarming incident, expressing relief that neither he nor his daughter were injured. He expressed concern over the growing audacity of such groups disturbing public security and peace.

Ziering’s Instagram post called for decisive action by city officials and law enforcement to combat that lawlessness and ensure the safety of citizens. The actor urged the authorities to allocate the necessary resources to avoid similar events in the future.


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