ICYMI: Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition includes a really cool profile feature

Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition is now officially available on Switch, and retro enthusiasts who picked up the game are now discovering all sorts of interesting (and not so interesting) things about it.

In case you missed it, one pretty cool thing about this game is that when you set up your profile, you are asked to select your “favorite NES game” (or Famicom game) from a list that seems to include each Game under the sun from this classic library of the Nintendo console.

This has been highlighted on social media and our video producer Zion Grassl also mentioned it in our Nintendo Life hands-on preview back in June. Here’s what he had to say:

“They also allow you to share your favorite NES game with the world. They’ve included a list of almost every game that has ever been officially released for the Nintendo Entertainment System, even games that I assume wouldn’t have been mentioned due to licensing issues, such as Spy vs. Spy and Supermanmade the cut. There’s no cover art, but it’s a nice little detail that made the 25-year-old NES fan in me relate. I’m looking forward to scanning the listing for The Beginnings of EarthBound and Bubble Bobble.”

So yeah, if you don’t already own this new release, this is the kind of retro goodness that Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition contains. Sadly, not everything is being well-received in this game, such as the leaderboards. Here’s what our reviewer PJ O’Reilly had to say about it in an updated part of our Nintendo Life review:

Since it went live, it’s become clear that the leaderboards don’t work exactly as we’d imagined in the game, and this is causing quite a stir among players. The leaderboards aren’t freely accessible at all times, you can’t see your friends or compete directly with their results. Also, you can only access the leaderboards at the end of a weekly challenge, so you don’t have the freedom to choose how you compete. A crazy decision that we didn’t expect. Hopefully they’ll fix it sooner rather than later.

In related news, Nintendo has already released an update that unlocks Survival Mode and includes some fixes.

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