Indian-American lawyer chosen as alternate delegate to Republican Convention

Washington: Indian-American community leader and lawyer Hardam Tripathi has been chosen as an official alternate delegate for the Republican National Convention in Wisconsin later this month that will formally nominate former US President Donald Trump as the party’s presidential candidate.

Trump, 78, is the Republican Party’s presumptive nominee for the presidential election and will face current President Joe Biden, 81, of the Democratic Party.

The Republican National Party (RNP) convention taking place in Milwaukee from July 14 to 18 will formally nominate Trump as its candidate for the November 5 presidential election.

Tripathi, a lifelong Republican, said, “This will be my first time serving as a national delegate to the RNC and it is a great honor to represent Florida’s 15th Congressional District in an historic election coming up in these great United States of America.”

Tripathi is a U.S. immigration attorney and managing attorney at Trip Law, a leading immigration law firm based in Florida.

He has assisted Afghan translators who served alongside U.S. Service members in trying to obtain their special immigrant visas and escape the Taliban during President Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan.

“Ensuring the safety of immigrants who served alongside the U.S. Armed Forces and using immigration laws and policies to assist others around the world who suffer from similar humanitarian challenges is a top priority at our law firm,” he said.

Earlier this week, prominent Indian-American physician Dr. Sampat Shivangi was elected as an official delegate to the Republican National Convention for the sixth time.

Published July 3, 2024, 05:26 IST

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