Is Ariana Madix done with ‘Vanderpump Rules’? What she said at the season 11 reunion finale

Ariana Madix could be moving away from Vanderpump Rules forever. The 38-year-old reality star, who has been a staple on the Bravo series, revealed during the explosive season 11 finale of reunion that he no longer intends to film with his ex, Tom Sandovalafter his highly publicized romance with his former co-star, Rachel Leviss.

“I just want you away from me,” Madix told Sandoval through tears as they delved into their tumultuous breakup. “I just want you to leave and I don’t want to be in a position where you force me…”

Sandoval tried to intervene, saying, “That’s our job,” but an emotional Madix responded firmly, “I’m not obligated to do anything.” Despite Madix’s determination to distance himself from his partner of nine years, Sandoval echoed Lala Kent’s Previous Comments about the need for interactions for the sake of the show.

“That’s the thing, it’s always about having a conversation with the one person you don’t want to have it with,” Sandoval emphasized. “Like Lala said. That’s what we do.” To this, Madix responded, “I’ll have that conversation with everyone else, but I’m not in a position to have a conversation with you.”

Even with Sandoval’s repeated apologies for his infidelity and deception, Madix confirmed that she is ready to move on to better days.

Ariana Madix and Tom SandovalVanderpump Rules

“You also brought a fucking person into our lives in a very fucked-up way,” he said of Leviss. “And this bitch has to talk about me all the time. And you did that. You did that! And I just want to be away from you.”

Sandoval, who also embroiled in a legal battle with Madix about their shared home, he finally accepted his decision. “I wish you the best and I will definitely give you your space,” the 41-year-old reality star shared. “We’ll figure it all out. We have our lawyers, don’t worry. I understand.”

Madix also addressed Kent’s criticism in the season 11 finale, where Kent accused her of refusing to interact with Sandoval on camera. The owner of Something About Her expressed her hurt feelings.

“It hurt my feelings a lot,” she said, wiping away tears. “It really is because I tried so hard and then I feel like it’s our job to live our lives and I’m living authentically getting away from that. I could have done it for the show, but I don’t think our show thrives when things aren’t completely real and that “It wouldn’t have been real on my part.”

Kent, however, stood by her stance and explained why she was still “a little upset” by Madix’s behavior.

“I enjoy filming this show,” he said. Give them Lala podcast host. “I’m happy that Ariana was catapulted into the opportunity. However, I’ll be damned if one person doesn’t step forward. Because at least if you don’t give a damn about your position on the show because you’re thriving, I’m going to need you to give a damn about mine!”

The cast of ‘Vanderpump Rules’.Gizelle Hernandez/Bravo

VPR Meeting host Andy Cohen mentioned Lisa Vanderpump coming out The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills when he realized he no longer cared about interacting with the cast.

“You go to the meeting with the intention of meeting, I didn’t want to meet,” said Sur’s owner. “I didn’t want to see any of them again. If you want to fight because you think you want to move on, then fight for it. If you want to say, ‘I’m fucking finished,’ then that’s fine too. So, you’re right that maybe People haven’t been exactly honest, but if Ariana leaves, at that point, no one can tell me that she hasn’t shown up. If I had been in that situation, I wouldn’t have shown up, with my husband and his lover or what. to be. So yeah, she did.”

Madix seemed moved by Vanderpump’s defense of her. “Sometimes it’s okay to walk away,” Vanderpump concluded.

Cohen opened the discussion to the group and asked if anyone had anything else to say about the season finale. Shay wanted to know what Madix thought and if she understood why Kent was so frustrated.

“I understand the frustration,” Madix responded. “I don’t understand the insults.”

Rachel Leviss, Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madixfake images

Vanderpump Rules Showrunner Alex Baskin recently spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about the current state of the Bravo series and its future after the dramatic consequences of Scandoval.

“Just because we really closed the book on Scandoval doesn’t necessarily mean the show is over,” Baskin said, referring to intense speculation about the show’s continuation.

The season 11 reunion finale was emotionally charged, leading fans to wonder if it marked the end of Vanderpump Rules. However, Baskin firmly dispelled those rumors.

“No. No. There’s obviously been a lot of speculation. People have written the final chapter of the show many times, and the show has continued. So just because it’s a reflective moment that clearly marks the end of a chapter doesn’t necessarily mean it’s “It’s the end of the show,” he explained. “You see, there’s still a lot of fertile ground and progress in their lives, so I think it would be very premature to say that just because we really closed the book on Scandoval in a lot of ways, because it was this moment that kind of thing.” “It destroyed everything and carried over into the next season, it doesn’t necessarily mean the show is over.”

All episodes of Vanderpump Rules are now streaming on Peacock, including a special of new, unseen footage.


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