Is there a wedding coming up?!?

For the past two months, all the headlines surrounding the Sister Wives universe have focused on one topic and one topic only.

For a very sad and understandable reason.

On March 4, Garrison Brown took his own life through a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

It is a horrible tragedy from which we imagine his loved ones will never recover.

Garrison Brown on Sister Wives
Garrison Brown appears here in an episode of Sister Wives. (TLC)

However, as we get closer to Sister Wives season 19 airing, many TLC viewers are wondering what future episodes of this long-running series will entail.

Will the show focus solely on Garrison’s death?

Will we see images of his memorial?

How much will Janelle Brown and Kody Brown talk about the loss of their son?

Kody Brown opens up here in the final Sister Wives episode of 2023.Kody Brown opens up here in Sister Wives' final episode of 2023.
Kody Brown tries not to look like an idiot in this scene. (TLC)

Of course, we can’t answer any of these questions with certainty at this time.

But on social networks, specifically on Reddit, a rumor is circulating that is generating great controversy.

Amid fissures in their relationship, could Kody and Robyn Brown renew their vows in an upcoming episode?

This romance is the only one on the show that remains intact after Christine, Janelle, and Meri Brown. all she abandoned her spiritual husband at various times over the past two and a half years.

Robyn Brown cryingRobyn Brown crying
Robyn Brown is a total disaster in this scene from season 18 of Sister Wives. (TLC)

This has left Robyn as Kody’s only wife, although she has been his only legal wife for many years.

After being abandoned by three women, Kody has been reeling for a while, long before Garrison committed suicide.

“Kody has been through a lot and dealt with a lot of frustration, anger, pain and betrayal, and I’m also going through my own emotions about it,” Robyn previously told People magazine, adding a few months. back:

“And it’s been hard on our relationship.

“It’s been very difficult for our relationship because I think when you’re going through a divorce, you start to question yourself.”

Kody Brown and Robyn Brown don’t look thrilled in this split-screen image of the couple. (TLC)

Kody even admitted that he recently thought about leaving Robyn because he felt like a “piece of shit” after losing three other relationships.

“Moving on is still one of those things where you go through a divorce, you almost feel like God doesn’t exist and you’re very angry, very bitter,” Kody even told People at one point.

“We have to let some sun come back in.

“That’s the thing. I think we’re at a transition point where I’m letting the sunlight come back.”

Kody Brown reflects on life in this photoKody Brown reflects on life in this photo
Kody Brown reflects on life in this photo from Sister Wives. (TLC)

With this in mind, speculation suddenly arises that the aforementioned sunshine could translate into a surprising development in Sister Wives season 19.

There is talk that Kody and Robyn could renew their vows..

And there is also a lot of negative reaction to this story, if it actually comes to fruition.

“How do you guys feel about this??? Do you think that after the passage of the garrison TLC will really be that stupid and show it?!?” asked one Reddit user after learning about this possibility.

Robyn Brown on a couchRobyn Brown on a couch
Has Robyn Brown had a nose job? This is a question that many ask. (TLC)

We’ll go ahead and let some critics on this very platform respond with their feelings:

I feel like if TLC shows that and acts like nothing happened, they will lose viewers! I know they’ll lose me if they give those idiots a stage one more time to hurt those kids and a look. How happy we are, the wedding renewal will be a slap in everyone’s face!!

I don’t think I can bear to see everything that happened with Garrison. I could look at the other wives and kids, but not Kody and Robyn, I dislike them.

Robyn and Kody can pack sand. I won’t watch it again, the whole show was based on deception.

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