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Warriors owner Joe Lacob was one of the first within the organization to learn of Klay Thompson’s decision to leave Golden State.

At first, he was disappointed by the news, but soon after he expressed his admiration for the team’s iconic shooter.

Lacob appeared on the latest episode of The Athletic’s “Hoops Adjacent” podcast, where he discussed Thompson’s departure and what he texted the veteran point guard the day after their initial phone conversation before the start of NBA free agency.

“After he called me and told me that he made the decision to move on, this was before free agency, he called me and was very nice about it and explained to me that he didn’t like making the decision but he was like, ‘I feel like I just have to do this,’” Lacob recalled. “Right after that, it was the next day, it was a few days before free agency started, I sent him that video of me bowing to him and it was just my way of telling him that he meant a lot to us and a lot to this organization and everything that we’ve accomplished as a group and that I still feel the same way about him.”

The video Lacob is referring to was a viral moment after Thompson scored 41 points and hit 11 3-pointers in the Warriors’ win over the Oklahoma City Thunder in Game 6 of the 2016 Western Conference Finals, where the Golden State owner bowed to Thompson in the tunnel after the game.

Lacob will always consider Thompson a close friend, but when the Warriors face the Dallas Mavericks for the first time during the 2024-25 NBA season, Lacob knows his team won’t take it easy on Thompson.

“I always will, it will never change. I don’t care what people think happened or didn’t happen, he will always be welcome in my life, I hope he feels the same way,” Lacob added. “Honestly, it brings tears to my eyes. I hope we’re friends forever. He’ll only be in Dallas for a few years and we’ll just have to kick his ass. But that’s the job and I’m sure he feels the same way, that’s the whole competition. But he will always be welcome in our home.”

With Thompson’s departure still fresh in the air, Lacob and the Warriors are still reminiscing about the five-time All-Star’s many iconic moments with the organization. However, they will soon have to compete against their new Western Conference rival.

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