Karen Read’s lawyer Alan Jackson seen with his wife after a kissing photo

Karen Read’s attorney Alan Jackson was spotted with his wife in Los Angeles just hours after The Post revealed images that appeared to show him groping his high-profile client.

Jackson and his wife, Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney Lisa Kassabian, arrived home together Wednesday in one of their two BMW SUVs after apparently going to the gym and picking up some lunch.

Dressed in athletic clothing, Kassabian carried a bunch of bags from the car and was not wearing a wedding ring on her left hand.

Karen Read’s attorney Alan Jackson and his wife Lisa Kassabian seen together in a car at their Los Angeles home. Toby Canham for the NY Post

His own hands were hidden by his phone and a bag that appeared to contain takeout food, although he was seen with a ring on his ring finger in court earlier this week.

Kassabian, who married Jackson in 2011, had a somber expression as they got out of the car, while her husband kept his eyes downcast and his face serious.

It was the first sighting of the pair since The Post published an iPhone Live image that appeared to show Jackson hugging Read outside a Boston steakhouse last week as jurors deliberated in his murder trial.

Jackson’s wife, Lisa Kassabian, appeared to be ring-less. Toby Canham for the NY Post
Attorney Alan Jackson was spotted at his Los Angeles home on Thursday. Toby Canham for the NY Post

The 1.5-second clip appeared to show Jackson hugging Read from behind with one arm across her abdomen and another across her chest, then pulling her laughingly into his body as he nuzzled her head into his shoulder.

The photo was taken on June 27 outside Smith and Wollensky in downtown Boston, and the outfits apparently worn by Jackson and Read matched clothing they had previously been photographed in.

What you need to know about the Karen Read murder case

  • Karen Read, 44, has been charged with second-degree murder for allegedly running over her boyfriend, Boston Police Officer John O’Keefe, as she was dropping him off to meet friends in Canton, Massachusetts, on January 29, 2022.
  • On the night of O’Keefe’s death, the couple had been out bar-hopping and Read allegedly consumed seven drinks in just 90 minutes, according to reports.
  • Prosecutors say that after Read drunkenly ran over her boyfriend, she drove off, leaving O’Keefe to die outside as a snowstorm approached.
  • Read’s lawyers argued that she was framed in a sweeping police cover-up and that O’Keefe actually died after getting into an altercation with his fellow officers.
  • The two-month trial involving 74 witnesses included startling revelations, including “unprofessional” messages from the lead detective and crowds of sycophants cheering Read outside the courthouse every day.
  • On July 1, 2024, Judge Beverly Cannone declared a mistrial as the jury was unable to reach a unanimous verdict after five days of deliberations.
  • Read faced life in prison if convicted on the main murder charge.

Metadata from the original photo reviewed by The Post verified that the image was real.

A source close to Read said the image was “taken out of context” and “was nothing more than a joke” after Read and his legal team went out to dinner, TMZ reported Wednesday.

It was the couple’s first appearance together since The Post published photos of Jackson apparently kissing his client Read in Boston. Toby Canham for the NY Post
A photo from late June appeared to show Jackson hugging Karen Read. Obtained by New York Post

Read, who is accused of running over her boyfriend, Boston Police Officer John O’Keefe, in 2022 and leaving him to die in a snowbank, argued that she was the victim of a set-up by local police.

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His strong defense won over at least some jurors, as the judge declared a mistrial Monday when the jury said it was hopelessly deadlocked.

“It seemed wrong and inappropriate, so I grabbed the nearest phone and took a photo,” the person who took the photo told The Post.

Read’s case ended in a mistrial on Monday after Jackson argued that her boyfriend’s police friends had framed her. AP

“It seemed inappropriate for an attorney-client situation,” they added.

Neither Jackson nor Read have responded to The Post’s requests for comment.

The Karen Read trial was just the latest high-profile case for Jackson; the high-profile prosecutor-turned-defense attorney’s past clients include Kevin Spacey and Harvey Weinstein.

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