Kim Kardashian shares photos from North West’s ‘The Lion King at the Hollywood Bowl’ presentation

kim kardashian she is a proud mom bear lion after northwest go on stage in The Lion King at the Hollywood Bowl to great applause.

On Saturday, Kardashian’s 10-year-old daughter, 42, and Kanye West46, who separated in 2021 after seven years of marriage, played Simba at the special event celebrating 30 years since the film’s release.

In a series posted to her Instagram Story, the SKIMS founder gave her 362 million followers a behind-the-scenes look at North’s shining moment as the iconic Disney character. In one photo, the 10-year-old smiles sweetly while standing next to Simba’s original voice, Jason Weaver.

North West poses with the actor who played ZazĂș during ‘The Lion King at the Hollywood Bowl’@KimKardashian via Instagram Story
North West and Jason Weaver, the original voice of Simba from ‘The Lion King’@KimKardashian via Instagram Story

Weaver, 44, posted her photo with North on her Instagram, calling her a “young superstar in the making.”

“I’m so PROUD of you, North!! You’re doing a PHENOMENAL job on this show,” Weaver wrote.

On stage, the oldest of Kim and Kanye’s four children (who also share Saint, 8, Chicago, 6, and Psalm, 5), sang “I Just Can’t Wait to be King” from the animated film, appearing in a suit that resembles the titular animal.

North West in a behind-the-scenes look at ‘The Lion King at the Hollywood Bowl’@KimKardashian via Instagram story

Other photos shared by Kardashian show North backstage looking anxious and excited as she meets up with other cast members and even takes a moment to fix her little sister’s hair while she waits for her turn to perform.

Content posted on An image shared by YZY Updates shows Kanye, dressed all in white with black sunglasses, holding his phone while Kim sits nearby with two of her other children. the aunt from the north, Khloe Kardashianalso seems to be present.

ET was in the audience and watched as North gave his performance and then joined his castmates on stage to take a bow. At one point, the young performer tried to grab the hand of her co-star, Billy Eichner, who didn’t notice, causing a hilarious moment until he caught her attention. Eichner voiced Timon in the 2019 live-action version of the film.

The evening also featured spectacular performances by cast members from the animated, live-action and theatrical versions of the story, including Nathan Lane, Heather Headley and Jeremy Irons, who received standing ovations for their respective songs. The entire show was dedicated to Richard Sherman, the legendary Mary Poppins and the composer of “It’s a Small World,” who died on saturday at the age of 95 years.

North West fixing her sister Chicago West’s hair backstage at ‘The Lion King at the Hollywood Bowl’@KimKardashian via Instagram Story
North West prepares to take the stage before ‘I Just Can’t Wait to Be King’@KimKardashian via Instagram story
A photo of the sign posted in North West’s dressing room.@KimKardashian via Instagram story

This isn’t the first time North has lent his voice to a project he’s passionate about. In February, she appeared in his father’s song“Talking/Once Again”, also featuring Ty Dolla $ign.

“I love it here/We’re taking over the year one more year/It’s your best friend, miss, miss Westie,” North sings on that song. “Don’t try to test me/It’s going to get complicated.” She also starred in the music video, which has racked up 20 million views on Youtube.

Kanye previously joked North’s appearance on his latest album, vulturesin December during a listening party in Miami where he played a clip of his daughter playing bars of the song.


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