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Max Verstappen admitted his start to the Canadian Grand Prix weekend was “not ideal” after his Red Bull car suffered technical problems on Friday in Montreal.

On an opening day interrupted for the entire grid amid intermittent rain at the Circuit Giles Villeneuve, Verstappen was limited to just four laps in Second Practice due to a problem with the ERS (Energy Recovery System) that caused him to his RB20 will smoke before returning to the track. wells.

Red Bull is investigating the cause of the failure ahead of Saturday’s action in Montreal, when qualifying takes place at 9pm. live on Sky Sports F1.

“It’s not ideal,” said Verstappen, whose Red Bull team aims to return to the front this weekend after being overtaken by Ferrari, McLaren and Mercedes last time in Monaco.

“I would have liked to do more laps, some others did a few more laps in the dry and a few more laps in the wet.

“It’s definitely not how I would have liked it to go in FP2, but it’s more important to find out what really happened and what kind of implications it will have for this year and the rest of the year.”

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Max Verstappen believes it is important to find out the implications of the electrical problem he suffered during P2 before this weekend.

Verstappen, who will use a new engine this weekend, the third of the 2024 season, added: “They are investigating it now. I haven’t been back to the garage yet, but I’m sure we’ll find out what it is soon.” “.

The Dutchman had completed just 10 laps in practice one after that session was delayed first by a morning hail storm and then, once the track was deemed ready for cars, a red flag caused by a crash. Sauber’s Zhou Guanyu.

Both Friday timesheets became effectively academic due to changing weather conditions, meaning few concrete clues have yet emerged about the weekend’s pecking order.

Will Red Bull struggle again or get back to form in Montreal?

Although Verstappen and Red Bull’s season-long positions at the top of the F1 world championship tables remain unchanged, their respective points leads have narrowed in recent weeks amid a tightening of the field at the front of the grill.

Verstappen has only won one of the last three races, and just barely, against McLaren’s Lando Norris at Imola, and on Thursday he warned about his prospects in Montreal this weekend, given that the track features the kind of curbs that the Red 2024. Bull is not enjoying himself.

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Highlights from Friday’s practice at the Canadian Grand Prix.

Evaluating the team’s start to a weekend in which the weather is expected to remain variable, Sergio Pérez, who finished tenth in the second practice, said: “Overall, it was a very complicated day with the conditions we had. .

“It’s going to be very important (Saturday) to be there at the right time. We could already see that it was changing quite a bit if you weren’t pushing on the right lap, it could make a big difference.”

“We have a little idea about the car, but it’s very difficult to draw conclusions on a track that was really dominated by the weather.

“We will see the competitiveness (on Saturday).”

Leclerc satisfied with a “very competitive” start | Norris: Ferrari seems to be ahead

While inconsistent track conditions may have made it difficult to get a truly accurate read on the pace of the leading teams, Monaco victor Charles Leclerc saw enough to take early encouragement from Ferrari’s performance on Friday.

“Overall, I’m very happy because we are very competitive in all conditions,” said Leclerc, who finished fourth fastest in the P2 timesheets.

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Charles Leclerc and Lewis Hamilton narrowly avoid one of Montreal’s famous marmots during P2 of the Canadian GP.

“We were never really at the top of the timesheets just because we didn’t do the right time in the session with the track being drier. But overall, every lap we did we were very competitive, so that’s a good thing.”

“But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot to improve on the car. We still have to make some changes for (Saturday) that will hopefully get us into a better position again.”

McLaren’s Lando Norris, obviously unrepresentative twentieth and last in the second session, suggested Ferrari was the team to beat.

“Right now I think we seem a little out of place,” he said.

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Lando Norris isn’t sure where McLaren stands in the order for Montreal, but thinks it was a reasonable first day on track.

“Ferrari definitely seems to be a little bit ahead. But I don’t know where we are at the moment because the conditions are changing.”

“The Englishman added: We learned a lot, not really in the dry. To be honest, we didn’t learn enough in the dry. I think we did the fewest laps of anyone. So that’s not the best thing about it.”

“Wet a good amount, I think in a reasonable place. It’s always complicated around here, but I think it was a reasonable first day.”

Canadian GP schedule live from Sky Sports F1

Saturday June 8
17.15: Third practice of the Canadian GP (the session starts at 5:30 p.m.)
8:00 p.m.: preparation for the Canadian GP classification
9:00 p.m.: Canadian GP Classification
11:00 p.m.: Ted’s classification notebook

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A look back at drivers who have fallen victim to the infamous “Wall of Champions” over the years at the Canadian Grand Prix.

Sunday June 9
5:30 p.m.: Sunday Grand Prix: preparation for the Canadian GP
9:00 p.m.: Checkered flag – Reaction to the Canadian GP
10:00 p.m.: Ted’s Notebook

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