Meghan Trainor Talks New Album & Touring With Husband Daryl Sabara & Brother Ryan (Exclusive)

Meghan Trainor He hits the road for the first time in seven years and this time he brings his family.

Trainor, her husband, Daryl Sabara, and her brother, Ryan Trainor, stopped by ET’s “Spilling the E-Tea” to share their excitement about the upcoming The Timeless Tour and their new album. Eternal.

Discussing the unique family matter, Meghan asked her husband and brother: “What was your guys’ reaction when I first told them I wanted to go on tour?”

Daryl, beaming with excitement, responded, “I was excited because we fell in love on tour and now, seven years later, we’re taking our two kids on tour. Very excited.”

Meghan laughed and added, “That’s crazy. And we got married twice.” Earlier this month, Trainor and Sabara celebrated their fifth anniversary by renewing their vows.

Ryan expressed his own excitement, saying, “I’m really excited to do this sober. I don’t remember the last tour, so it’ll be great for me.”

Meghan Trainor’s album cover for ‘Timeless’Meghan Trainor

“Yes. Congratulations on three years of being sober, Ryan,” Meghan told her brother, to which Ryan modestly responded, “Almost, not yet. It’s close.”

“It’s there, though,” Meghan encouraged.

meghan and daryl tied the knot in December 2018. They welcomed Riley three years later, and in July 2023 a second child followed, a boy named Barry.

The conversation turned to Ryan’s role on the tour, and Meghan revealed, “You’re a DJ now.”

Ryan’s enthusiasm was palpable, albeit with a touch of humor. “Okay, sure, sure, DJ, yeah, I’m ready,” he said, admitting that he had only practiced “last night.”

Meghan TrainorLaura Dunn

Daryl asked Meghan why she felt it was the right time to embark on a tour after seven years. Meghan’s response highlighted her willingness and enthusiasm: “Finally recovered from my second c-section, both of my kids can almost walk all the way, you know, Barry is working on walking so I think he’s in a better place to travel. And this sixth album that I’m releasing is called Eternal It’s my favorite album I’ve ever made and I’m most proud of it, and I think it deserves a tour and I think the most important thing is that the fans deserve a tour because we haven’t done this in seven years and I really miss it. them and I miss acting and singing with them and I have a lot of catching up to do, you know? There are so many songs I can finally perform. “It’s been too long.”

Daryl echoed her sentiment, saying, “Great response,” while Ryan added, “Yeah, I think you have so many albums that deserve to be heard by the world.”

Ryan then asked the couple how they felt about touring as parents. Meghan replied confidently: “Yes, I was very excited because we are good at traveling with them. We only did it once and we were pretty good.”

“We’re the best,” Daryl chimed in, adding, “No, it’s exciting because Riley really loves planes, trains, cars, she’s in that phase.”

Meghan Trainor Daryl Sabara Lion King PremiereKevin Winter/Getty Images

Meghan shared a charming anecdote about her son Riley’s reaction to the logistics of the tour.

“So yeah, when we told him we were going to live on a bus, he was excited,” she said. “Last night was a different story. I told him we’d sleep in bunk beds and he said, ‘Bunk beds?’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, they’re like little ones, and you have a curtain, and you can close it and open it and see everyone like Ry Ry and Dada,’ and he was like, ‘See everyone?’ He said, ‘I don’t sleep on the bus. I sleep in a chair,’ and I said, ‘A chair?'”

Daryl laughed and added, “He likes his own space, you know, he wants his own. I think as parents it’s going to be amazing because we’re going to make a lot of memories.”

Meghan agreed: “We’re going to make memories, visit every museum ever, travel and explore and tell Riley we’re going on an adventure.”

With their son Barry likely to take his first steps on the tour, Meghan asked Daryl if he was nervous. Her response was blunt: “I’m excited. Not nervous, excited.”

The Timeless Tour, with special guests Chris Olsen and Ryan Trainor, kicks off on September 4, while Meghan’s album, Eternalcomes out June 7.


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