Meta’s latest experiment copies the core ideas of BeReal and Snapchat

Meta once again takes on its competitors by developing a feature that borrows concepts from others, in this case, BeReal and Snapchat. The company is developing a feature for Instagram called “Peek” that would allow users to post authentic images that can only be viewed once. While Snapchat popularized the idea of ​​ephemeral content on social media, BeReal led the trend of posting authentic, unedited content. Meta, known for copying startups and other tech companies, appears to be doing so once again with the new feature.

The social media company confirmed to TechCrunch on Friday that the feature, which was first spotted by reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi, is an internal prototype and is not being tested externally.

Peak appears to be a more ephemeral version of Stories, which can be viewed for 24 hours. A photo shared through Peek would have to be taken with your camera at the time, since you wouldn’t be able to upload an image from your camera gallery, according to a screenshot shared by Paluzzi. Additionally, you won’t be able to edit the photo or add a filter, which is a concept that became popular with the rise of BeReal.

Peek appears to be somewhat similar to Instagram’s Candid Stories feature, which began testing in 2022 to compete with BeReal. While the feature was never rolled out to all users, it was essentially a clone of BeReal. The feature would send notifications to people encouraging them to capture what they were doing at that moment and share it without editing the image or adding a filter to it.

While Candid Stories encouraged users to share authentic content at a specific time every day, Peek allowed you to do so on your own terms.

The flexibility might be more appealing to users who are interested in sharing authentic content, but don’t want to do so based on a random timer. Instagram’s spin on authentic photo sharing could appeal to users, especially as reports have suggested that BeReal is losing steam (which it claims is false).

The screenshot posted by Paluzzi notes that Instagram sees Peek as a way to “share little moments with the people you love.” Instagram likely hopes the feature will encourage users to share additional types of content on the app as it tries to compete with BeReal.

As with any other internal prototype, it is unknown when or if Instagram plans to release Peek publicly. Of course, if Instagram releases the feature, there’s a chance it will look different or be renamed.

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