Nothing’s first CMF phone could be customized with dial and stand add-ons

Today’s teaser seemingly confirms that the phone’s dial will at least function similarly to the CMF Buds’ dial to accommodate accessories, and can be unscrewed and swapped out with optional accessories including a lanyard mount and a foldable kickstand.

Will it offer additional features? Teasers from Nothing have been cryptic, but the dial shown is reminiscent of the smart dial on the CMF Neckband Pro headphones, which is used to control volume, playback and active noise cancellation.

Previously, the CMF account had shared images of the rear that revealed easily accessible screws and a small screwdriver that matched the brand’s aesthetic. The images strongly hinted that the device would have an easily removable rear panel, which seems to be confirmed today in a post that features images of the panel itself in black, blue, light green, and orange colors.

Can the back panel of the CMF Phone 1 be replaced with one that has an extended battery?
Image: Nothing

It’s unknown if other companies are making alternative rear panels, but upon closer look, it appears the device could handle panels that add a larger battery (similar to a Mophie Juice Pack or the Motorola phones that supported “Moto Mods” a few years ago) or a wallet to hold credit and ID cards.

Nothing has also revealed whether removing the back panel will provide easier access to the CMF Phone 1’s internal components, including its battery, but the feature may be more focused on customizing the look and functionality than improving repairability.

In addition to announcing the CMF Phone 1 on July 8 at 5 a.m. ET, the brand will also unveil its CMF Buds Pro 2 and Watch Pro 2 at its “Community Update” event.

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