OpenAI launches a ChatGPT for universities

ChatGPT goes to school.

OpenAI, in a blog post, has unveiled a version of its AI chatbot created specifically for colleges and universities. ChatGPT Edu, the company says, will enable educators to “responsibly implement AI across students, faculty, researchers, and campus operations.”

The new venture will include access to GPT-4o, which the company unveiled earlier this month. GPT-4o is the most advanced version of the company’s large language model and is reportedly better at interpreting text and analyzing data than its predecessors. Universities will also be able to create customized versions of the technology focused on their own data. More than 50 languages ​​will be supported.

Conversations and data collected in ChatGPT Edu will not be used to train other OpenAI models, the company said.

AI has been a sensitive topic for educators. Some teachers, especially in middle and high schools, worry that students will use it as a crutch to shortcut learning and not retain information. However, a growing number of universities see AI as a technology that will be part of the world in the coming years and are striving to teach students how to use it responsibly.

A team at Columbia University created a version that analyzes and synthesizes large data sets to inform interventions, reducing weeks of research work to seconds. And Arizona State University is developing a GPT for students to engage in German conversations tailored to their language level while receiving feedback.

“Integrating OpenAI technology into our educational and operational frameworks accelerates transformation at ASU,” said Kyle Bowen, deputy CIO at Arizona State University. “We are collaborating across our community to leverage these tools, expanding our learnings as a scalable model for other institutions.”

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