Person killed by plane engine at Amsterdam Schiphol airport

One person has died after ending up in the engine of an operating KLM passenger plane at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

The death occurred as flight KL1341 was preparing to fly to Billund, Denmark, on Wednesday afternoon.

The airline said it was responding to passengers and employees who witnessed the incident and was investigating.

The Royal Netherlands Military Police also said it had launched an investigation.

The royal force of the Netherlands Marechaussee added in a publication on day X that all passengers and employees had been removed from the flight.

The deceased has not yet been identified and it is too early to say whether it was an “incident” or a form of suicide, a spokesman told Reuters.

But several Dutch media have reported that it could be an employee involved in pushing a plane backwards before taking off.

Footage obtained by Dutch national broadcaster NOS shows emergency services surrounding the passenger plane on the airport apron, where the planes are parked.

The aircraft involved was reportedly a short-haul Embraer aircraft used by KLM’s Cityhopper service which operates flights between nearby destinations within Europe.

An anonymous employee told Telegraaf newspaper During the incident, someone jumped onto the engine after the crew had just completed safety briefings, causing an “infernal noise” and smoke.

Schiphol Airport said: “Our thoughts are with the relatives (of the deceased) and we worry for the passengers and colleagues who saw this.”

Infrastructure Minister Mark Harbers reacted to the news in X: “Terrible news about the fatal accident that occurred today at Schiphol.”

The Dutch Safety Board said it was on its way to the airport to investigate.

The Dutch Association of Aviation Technicians (NVLT) said its thoughts were with those involved and the relatives of the deceased.

Schiphol is one of the busiest hub airports in Europe. It made headlines last week when rapper nicki minaj He was arrested there.

Nearly 5.5 million passengers used the airport last month, according to its website.

Last year, a 27-year-old airport employee died after being sucked into the engine of a Delta airliner in San Antonio, Texas.

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