Pinterest expands its Creator Fund to enable founders

Pinterest announced today that it is evolving its Creator Inclusion Fund.

Pinterest partnered with Shopify’s Build Black & Narrative program to allow small business owners from underrepresented backgrounds or working in underrepresented backgrounds to apply now for the Creator Inclusion Fund. Previously, only traditional content creators applied. This is a new version of the fund, with Pinterest slowly moving away from traditional creators and focusing more on creative entrepreneurs.

The fund is essentially a six-week accelerator program that trains creators on using Pinterest to expand their brands and businesses. The new version of the program launched today in the US and Canada, and plans to expand to other countries soon, including Brazil, India, France and Argentina.

Small businesses selected for the program will have access to educational and financial resources, including the ability to connect Shopify accounts to Pinterest and training sessions provided by Shopify. Pinterest will also offer mentoring, monetary stipends, and paid SaaS subscriptions in the workplace.

Pinterest started the Creator Inclusion Fund in 2021 to help provide more opportunities to underrepresented creators, a group that continues to be overlooked in today’s creator economy. Pinterest defines underrepresented as fairly broad, as it includes members of the LGBTQ+ community, those with disabilities, those plus size, and those who identify as BIPOC.

Pinterest invests in creators quarterly. For its previous funds, it backed a new sector each quarter. For this last program, it will continue to invest quarterly, this time in international markets every quarter. Traditional creators who are also small merchants and sell their products on an e-commerce site can still apply for this program. They can also access the accelerator if they are represented by a boutique agency accepted into the program.

To date, the company has invested more than $3.3 million in the accelerator program and has had more than 150 participants around the world, the company told us.

The expansion of Pinterest’s Creator Inclusion Fund comes as companies begin to reevaluate their commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion in what is known as the great rollback of efforts implemented after the murder of George Floyd in 2022. From So, companies have been sued and forced to stop inclusion programs. Pinterest, however, seems unconcerned about the risks.

“It’s critical that the diversity of our users is reflected in the inspiration with which they search, save, and purchase,” Zeny Shifferaw, leader of Pinterest’s global inclusion content partnership, told TechCrunch. “This program is uniquely designed to increase the paths to success for content producers who have been disproportionately underrepresented, allowing them to grow and reach new audiences and customers on the platform.”

Those who wish to apply to the Creator Inclusion Fund can do so here.

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