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Will Still is one of several names in the picture to become Sunderland’s new head coach. Sky Sports News understands.

The Englishman left Stade de Reims in May after finishing ninth in the French top flight, having taken over in October 2022.

Still has said he wants to coach in England and would “love” to work in the Premier League.

The 31-year-old has followed an unorthodox path into management, first working as a video analyst in the Belgian leagues before taking on the boss role at Beerschot VA.

He still faced Kylian Mbappé’s PSG in Ligue 1

Having been his assistant, he succeeded Óscar García at Reims in 2022 and led the club to 11th place before finishing ninth last year.

A 19-match unbeaten run during the 2022/23 season saw Still linked with jobs at Leeds, Sunderland and Southampton.

Rene Maric Sunderland are also believed to admire him as they search for a successor to Michael Beale.

Maric currently manages the Bayern Munich under-19 team.

Still: the championship rivals the best leagues in the world.

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Still told Sky Sports he would “love” to coach in the Premier League one day.

When he still spoke with sky sports In March 2023, he revealed that he would “love” to be a Premier League manager, singling out then-Burnley manager and now Bayern Munich manager Vincent Kompany, who was first tested in the EFL.

Still told Sky Sports: “I think if you asked any child what they would like to do, they would say they would love to be a Premier League footballer or manager and I’m no different. I was brought up like everyone else.” and I had the same dreams. I will continue with them.

“If it happens someday, I’ll deserve it, or I hope I deserve it, but I realize how much work there is to do before I get there and how much I have left to learn. For now, I’ll do it.” stick it aside.

“Vincent Kompany was at Anderlecht last year and came to the Championship and has done an incredible job. I think the Championship rivals many of the best leagues in the world.

“All the doors are open. I will not close anything at any time.”

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