The Spanish government denounces the “defamation campaign” after the call of the prime minister’s wife | Politics News

Government spokesperson criticizes right-wing and extreme right-wing parties for persecuting Begoña Gómez.

A Spanish court has summoned the wife of Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez as part of a corruption investigation that the government has denounced as a political coup.

Begoña Gómez will appear in court on July 5 to answer questions about allegations that she used her position to influence business deals, a Madrid-based court said on Tuesday.

Gómez has not yet publicly addressed the case, but Sánchez has called it a “smear campaign” to damage the leftist coalition government led by his Socialist Workers Party.

Spanish government spokeswoman Pilar Alegría told reporters Tuesday that the investigation involving Gómez is based on “lies and disinformation” and the government knows that “there is absolutely nothing here.”

“What we have here is a smear campaign by the right and the extreme right, the Popular Party and Vox,” he said after the weekly cabinet meeting.

The investigation is based on complaints filed by a group called Clean Hands.

The group has pursued legal cases, many of which have been linked to right-wing causes and have targeted left-wing politicians. Clean Hands, which has seen many of his lawsuits against politicians fail, has said his complaint is based on media reports.

After the investigation was launched in April, the prime minister took the unprecedented step of saying he would suspend his public duties to contemplate whether to resign from office.

After five days of silence, Sánchez said during a speech that he decided to remain as president of the Government and continue “with even more strength.”

Spanish prosecutors had tried to dismiss the investigation, but a provincial court ruled that the lower court judge could continue the investigation. The judge can now suspend the corruption investigation or recommend that the case go to trial.

The announcement of Gómez’s call was made days before voting begins in the elections to elect the next European Parliament. Spanish citizens vote on Sunday.

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