Watch ‘Ghost Adventures’ Star Zak Bagans Find Paranormal Activity at Historic Film Studio (Exclusive)

ghost adventures‘paranormal investigators, Zak BagansAaron Goodwin, Billy Tolley and Jay Wasley are tackling their craziest investigation yet: the Radford Studio Center in Studio City, California, home of Entertainment Tonight.

One of the oldest film studios in the world, Radford has been home to iconic productions including The smoke of the gun, The Mary Tyler Moore Show Gilligan’s Island, rosaanne, Seinfeld and Will and Grace. Hundreds of thousands of extras and studio workers have walked the grounds, and the ghost adventures The crew is looking for paranormal activity in the famous lot.

“A lot has happened here,” Bagans tells ET’s Kevin Frazier. “We absorb all these spirits, we observe all this energy; that’s why we are all unique. Because when we open that door by just turning on a device, there could be things that follow us and that come out… We may not capture anything at all, “But we’re going full force. I don’t care if I’m investigating a 7-11, a studio, or a house full of demons, we’re going to use all our equipment and we’re going to do a very big, professional investigation.”

Bagans, who has been researching paranormal activity for 20 years, tells ET that he wonders if it’s really here “in this material world.”

“Have I become what I’m hunting? It’s strange because I’ve been doing this for so long (and) we just absorb everything from each place and you think about all these different spirits and interactions that we’ve had and it’s how the spirits know who we are “, says.

“We’ve been doing this for so long and we’ve absorbed so much energy and interacted with so many different spirits that I’m starting to think that spirits sense us when we’re around and that’s why we’re starting to get a lot more evidence,” adds Bagans.

Bagans and Frazier tour the basement of the Mack Sennett Building, believed to have been a former film vault.

“I’ll tell you something right now: I feel my back tighten,” Frazier says as the team encounters what Bagans says could be the spirit of a security guard in the vault.

“(It) was a 9 1/2 out of 10 on the extreme darkness level,” Bagans tells Frazier. “I think you’re ready for a solid 10… I think Kevin is ready for a place of demonic infestation.”

“I’ll see you all later!” -exclaims Frazier-.

The Radford Studio Center investigation is a special stop after the many that Bagans and the team undertake in the final season of the Discovery Channel series. The team had some of their most disturbing encounters yet, including investigating an Arizona hotel connected to one of America’s most violent gangsters and plagued by poltergeist activity; an Old West town haunted by a blood-soaked curse and a former brothel overrun by the activity of dark spirits; and the iconic Los Angeles Hospital, where thousands of deaths have left a haunting energy running through its abandoned hallways.

Each episode follows ghost hunters as they travel to haunted locations to document evidence of the afterlife, meeting locals, eyewitnesses, and experts to piece together each site’s haunted history. Using the latest technology and scientific devices, they begin an immersive blockade investigation to capture physical evidence of the paranormal and understand each supernatural mystery.

Last year, ET sat down with Bagans to celebrate the show’s 15th anniversary and remember some of their scariest scares and happiest haunts.

“Fifteen years of ghost adventures, it’s like a celebration,” Bagans said of the franchise milestone. “I love doing it. It is simply a complete break with the material world, of which I have become very bored. And I’m very intrigued to know what happens. There is so much mystery out there. There is much more than our eyes and ears that our bodies cannot detect. There is much more to this life. People see this as a TV show, but this is my life. Fifteen years. I’m having a moment where I think, ‘Wow, that’s a long time.’ That’s a long time.'”

While Bagans shows no signs of slowing down, he addressed the future of ghost adventures which first debuted on the Travel Channel before moving to its current home on Discovery Channel and Discovery+, and he was open about whether he had thought about ending the show.

“When the time comes, the time comes and to be doing a show for 16 years is already something unheard of. So if the time comes, the time comes,” he said. “And I will be very grateful for the opportunity I had to do research with these three guys that I love. And for all the experiences we shared on location back then, we’re done, but ‘It’s not.’

“I really appreciate all of that. It’s not easy to be on this schedule and do this as much as we do and the toll that takes on us spiritually and mentally,” Bagans said. “Sometimes we get a lot of criticism for going crazy and acting dramatic or whatever. But these are very real reactions that we have from doing this for so long. And there’s no other bigger adrenaline rush. There’s no other great moments. “Instead of helping people, seeing people’s tears and just sitting and talking to people and learning their stories and telling them they’re not alone, I’ve experienced it too.”

Bagans also credited ghost adventures fans for participating in their ghost hunts and continuing to tune in to new episodes.

“I love our fans,” he said. “And yeah, we’ll see how long we keep doing this before we become what we’re hunting. When I become that, there’s going to be some people I’m going to chase the hell out of. And I’m not even laughing. Because I have a list and I’m going through it twice.” times and I’m finding out who’s bad or good. I’m not Santa Claus, but I’ll have some fun.

He promised that there is still a long way to go. ghost adventures before he and the crew hang up their lanterns for good. “Keep watching us. We’re not that old yet. We still have a lot of energy,” Bagans joked, joking that ghost hunting has kept him young. “We’re still going to look young, but I think investigating ghosts helps us a little. Would that be weird? If that’s the fountain of youth? I cracked the code.”

ghost adventures airs Wednesdays on Discovery Channel and is available to stream on Max. The season finale airs June 12.


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