Aptoide launches its alternative iOS game store in the EU

After the Digital Markets Act (DMA) forced Apple to allow third-party app stores for iOS in Europe, several developers have launched alternative stores, such as AltStore and MacPaw’s Setapp (currently in closed beta). The latest entrant is Aptoide, the former Android app store, which is launching a play store in Europe.

The company announced today that users will be able to download its Play Store and use it on iOS on June 6.

Aptoide is launching the store with six titles initially, with plans to add more later. The company mentioned that more than 100 developers are ready to launch their games on the App Store, but with Apple’s notarization process, the formal launch takes time.

Launch titles include Word Jungle, a word puzzle; Condor: Leap of Faith, a jump-based platform game; All-in-One Solitaire, a collection of different Solitaire games; Mahjong all in one, a collection of different Mahjong games; Charades: Guess the Word, another word puzzle game.

Currently, Word Jungle is the only game with in-app purchases. Apptoide has a unique model in that it charges developers differently for in-app purchases. If a user discovers the app through a search or recommendations in the app store, the company charges a 20% fee, but if the developer acquires users through paid advertising or through its community channels, Apptoide charges a fee. 10% for in-app purchases. . Developers can target their websites for these transactions with a 10% fee to Apptoide.

The startup said it went through Apple’s tedious process of applying as an alternative app store. He said the tech giant wasn’t always responsive.

TechCrunch briefly tested the App Store. The installation process is quite simple. Once you get the invitation or access code, you will be able to access the link to download the app store. You will have to go to settings and allow the download of an app store from this unknown source (Aptoide).

The company plans to add 500 to 1,000 users to the waitlist every day after the launch. The startup is doing this to ensure it stays below the limit of 1 million annual first installs to avoid paying the core technology fee of €0.50 for each first install.

Aptoide has been operating in the app store space with an Android client since 2009. Last year, the Android app store reached almost 500 million downloads.

Experience running an app store on Android may be useful to a certain extent for Aptoide, but iOS is a different game with Apple’s own rules and restrictions. Additionally, as other stores compete for the attention of users in the EU, the company will need to attract some unique games to its store.

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