Drew Scott Shares Why He’s Less Prepared for Baby No. 2 with Linda Phan (Exclusive)

Half of Property Brothers, Drew Scottadmits that he is nervous because his son will soon have a little brother or sister.

drew and his wife, Linda Phanare parents of Parker, 2 years old and announced that they were expecting their second baby in January. For the final round of Spilling the E-Tea, the Property BrothersBoth 46 years old met to promote their next series. Backed by brothersand talked about preparing for baby number 2.

When his twin brother asked him, jonathan scottWHO has been engaged to Zooey Deschanel For almost a year, if you are less prepared for this child, Drew quickly replied.

“Absolutely less prepared. I think it’s true when people say that for your first child you’re too prepared, you’ve read all the books, you’ve had counseling and you’ve talked to professionals,” he said. “Then with the second child, you’re like, ‘I don’t need any of that.’ You realize it’s all going to work out. You just give them a lot of love and it’ll be perfect.”

Drew added, “Plus, he was very, very good at quickly changing diapers on a baby, so it’s on me.”

The brothers noted that neither of them would want to be born as an only child, adding that being a twin is fun and “so much cooler” than triplets, quadruplets or octuplets.

“I love being a twin,” Drew said. “ET, are you trying to break our twin?”

“Are you trying to become a property brother?” Jonathan joked.

Drew spoke to ET in April and shared the busy preparation he and Linda have undertaken since announcing their pregnancy.

“Do you see the bags under my eyes?” Drew joked when asked how he feels about welcoming another little one into the fold. “I’m so tired as I prepare for the baby’s arrival. And I can only imagine Linda how tired she is. But no, it’s incredible.”

Drew added that the sex of the baby is being kept a surprise.

“We don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl,” he said. “We’re going to be surprised. There aren’t too many surprises these days!”

Backed by brothers comes hot on the heels of the brothers’ hit series, celebrity promissory note. According to the new show’s synopsis, the brothers “will offer their valuable knowledge and resources to help inexperienced entrepreneurs find success with their high-risk investment properties.”

Backed by brothers premieres June 5 on HGTV.


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